Sunday, July 11, 2010

Horsing around

This photo was taken a few month ago, probably in April...Kaya was taking riding lessons from Katherine Vanderpool in Loleta. Kaya just loved to ride! I think this is something she'll miss a lot. I was told that she was quite good at it, and had a lot of natural skill. As a kid, I just remember holding on for dear life as I had once been thrown from a horse, and was constantly petrified of being tossed on my rear again! This horse is Gonzo. Out of all of the horses on the farm, he was one of my favorites. He had extremely long bangs (Okay, I know...they aren't bangs...but I'm not sure what they are called in the horse world) that hid the most beautiful and expressive eyes. I'll miss him. And I'm sure Kaya will, too.

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