Monday, February 21, 2011


Gavin can fall asleep just about anywhere. He can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I have proof. Kaya is sitting at the table writing a story, I am checking my FB, the TV is going, and I hear this sound...this soft breathing. I turn and see Gavin, asleep on the couch. He's still sitting up! Kaya and I have a conversation, and he is still asleep. Then he starts to drool on himself. I wish I could do that! The sleeping part...not the drooling part...

Kaya loses another tooth!

Just now... around 7:30 on 2-21-11... I hear, "Mom! My tooth came out!!!!" Kaya comes out of her bedroom, and sure enough! She's missing a tooth!

Welcome to Texas

The kids and I head to Old Navy to see if we can find Gavin some sleeveless shirts. We go in, look around, find nothing, then leave. As I'm walking back through the parking lot, I find this one the ground... a 9 mm Luger casing.... Welcome to Texas!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day fun.

The kids brought home a note saying that we had to make a box for their Valentine's to keep their Valentine's in. I was going to let the kids make their own, but then I got out the Mod Podge and my paint brushes and had a great idea. And so, after three evenings of crafting... I made two boxes like this. Gavin's has a hole in the top of it, like a mail slot.
The kids had their Valentine's day party and brought home their boxes full of treats. I think the best one that Kaya had was from her friend Jorge (pronounced like George). He made an origami crane for everyone! How cute is that?!

Gavin's 7th Bday

So I finally got around to celebrating Gavin's bday. Because our apartment is so small, he was only allowed to invite a couple of friends. Of course he invited Nathan, because they are inseparable. And then he invited Tawney because she and Nathan are inseparable. Each kid came with their families, so in all we had 5 adults, and 6 kids in our little place. It got a little loud, and I'm sure our downstairs neighbor wasn't too thrilled, but it was super fun. We got to hang out with adults, which doesn't happen to often. And the cake turned out okay. Gavin and Kaya have been listening to a lot of Weird Al, so Gavin wanted a Jurassic Park cake inspired by the song. Luckily, I have made a similar cake in the past, so it was pretty easy. Except, my mixer went capoot and I had to mix frosting by hand. That was a little painful. There was quite a bit of leftover cake, but as you can see, we had some help with that. part. I went into the kitchen afterwords and found the dinosaurs taking care of that part for us.
I was happy to find other adults in San Antonio who also think that it's super lame that the kids can't wear their Halloween costumes to school, that parents can't make any treats to bring in, we have to buy cupcakes at the store, and that the entire system in general is a bit lame and overprotective for no apparent reason. Plus, we found some other adults who like playing video games as much
as we do. Case in point... Angel playing Rock Band 2 for Wii. Turns out if you know how to play REAL drums the little fake ones are a lot easier to play... Even if you have a 4 year old on your lap.