Friday, July 9, 2010

Kaya's first Tiramisu

After an afternoon at the McNay art museum, Grandma Janne took us to a lovely little bakery/cafe called Le Madelaine ( It's a charming little cafe with a lot of various pastries, breads and food items. After a quick look at the menu, Kaya and I decided to split a French Dip sandwich with a side of some sort of bow tie pesto pasta salad. It was super tasty, and Kaya liked it a lot, even with the horseradish! After lunch, we were treated to desert, something that we don't do very often. We each got a mini version of one of their deserts. Kaya had the Tiramisu, I had the cheesecake, and Grandma Janne had a mini tart of some sort. They were all quite good, and they came in tall, square, plastic containers! That may be the best part because we now have two little containers to do something with! I've already thought of several craft ideas... Now I just need to go back and get enough desert to get enough plastic containers to make said crafts! But at $1.95, it's a good deal and well worth the calories!

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