Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rest in peace, oh Captain, my captain...

I know that The Deadliest Catch is just a reality show, and that no one really KNOWS any of the people on it, but it's so hard not to feel like you know these people. Out of all of the captains, Phil Harris seemed to be the most caring, the funniest, the most dedicated captain of them all. He was always so protective of his boys, but you can tell he wanted them to learn their lessons on their own, and that he wanted them to become good, strong men. And no matter what they did, no matter how much he yelled at the crew, you could tell he truly cared for each and every one of them. Captain Phil is one of those guys you see on TV, but you wish you could hang out with him. He was one of those guys that you wanted to come to your house and BBQ steaks with. He always had such great stories, and great words of wisdom. He was also very good at his job. Once again, I know it's just a reality show, but I think that the world is a little less fun- a little less joyous now that Captain Phil Harris is gone.
Dec. 21, 1956 to Feb. 9th, 2010

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