Friday, July 9, 2010

Barsky made it!

When we left California, I had to leave behind ALL of my beloved dogs and my cat. I was tempted to leave my fish behind as well, as I was afraid that he wouldn't make the trip. I decided that he was too important to leave behind. My Dad had promised me a fish when I was maybe 12 or so, but never came through...until my Birthday this year. He finally bought me the Beta he had promised me 18 years ago! Even though I knew there was a chance that Barsky wouldn't make the trip in the car, I wanted to try. I made him a temporary home in a plastic ice cream bucket. I made sure he had his rocks and plants so he'd feel more at home. I also put in a plastic Tiki cup so he'd have a place to hide if he needed to. When we left, I carefully put the lid on his new home, and set him on the floor of the truck, hoping he'd be safe. I kept the music to a minimum because I wasn't so sure if he liked Adam Lambert as much as I do. At every stop along the way, I cracked the windows, and put a giant gel ice pack over him with a towel so he wouldn't over heat. When we got to a hotel, he was the first thing that came out of the truck; gently I'd place him on the dresser away from the window and air conditioner to keep his water temperature from fluctuating too much. And while his color did fade a bit, from a brilliant blue, to more of a deeper midnight blue, he seemed to manage okay. We have been in Texas for a few days now, and he finally got his new home. I got him a small tank to live in, and he loves it! His color has started to come back, he's more active than I've seen him in weeks, and he's eating more than usual as well. He seems to have adapted to our new environment better than I have! Way to go Barsky!

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