Sunday, July 11, 2010

All tuckered out

Flip and Gavin had decided that since the girls (Me, Grandma Janne, and Kaya) were going to go out, that they too would go out. They packed up their water, put on their walking shoes and away they went! When us girls came back, this is where I found Gavin... It seems that their short walk had turned into a longer walk, and that poor Gavin crashed when they came home. They were supposed to walk to few blocks down to check out the Elementary school where Gavin and Kaya might go. It seems that Flip decided that wasn't far enough. And by the time they had walked 5 miles in the lovely Texas heat, Gavin had had enough. It wasn't that hot that day, maybe 90 degrees or so. Gavin just isn't used to it yet :)

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