Sunday, April 27, 2014

A few things to know about me.

1.  I LOVE animals and have quite a few of them.  So if you come over, you WILL leave with some sort of pet hair on you.  I'm sorry about this, but it's completely unavoidable.  I do my best to keep it under control...but even vacuuming three times a week and constantly dusting does not get rid of all of the hair.  Especially from our giant dog, Luna.  And right now she's shedding, so there are hairy dust bunnies in my house bigger than our cats. 

2.  I have been hand washing a lot of my clothes, so if you come over, you'll probably see my skivvies hanging on the clothes rack to dry.  I'm sorry.  But at least they are clean...and cute!

3.  As a super crafty and creative person, I am also quite a little mess maker.  It's usually not really a dirty mess...just a lot of clutter.  Rarely is my dining room table free of may have to scootch over my hot glue gun, a pile of fabric, a stack of magazines, some Sharpies....  I have never been a neat person, and try as I might, I don't think I eve will.  My goal is to do a little at a time and keep the clutter at least rotated so you get to look at NEW piles each time you come over.

4.  Back to being an animal lover....  My ferrets live here.  As in, this is also their house.  So yes...they will be roaming freely during the day.  Their cage is only for the night time.  So watch your step.  They are sneaky little things.

5.  I am a Whovian...a proud, proud Whovian.  I will make Doctor Who references several times a day whether you understand them or not.  I'm sorry...I'm so, so sorry.  (You see...that was one of those references right there...and if you aren't a had no idea).  I will try my best to convert you to become a Whovian as well because it's awesome.  It gives you a reason to yell things like FANTASTIC and GERONIMO when an exclamation is needed.  Even my dog is trained and knows what ALLONS-Y means.

I think that's enough for now.  I need more coffee...because I always need more coffee....