Sunday, July 11, 2010

Feeding the strays

There are several stray cats around here. The first one we saw is a big (but skinny) tom cat, that the kids have appropriately named Tommy. It's obvious that he once belonged to someone because he's super tame and keeps trying to come in the house. The others seem to be adolescent cats that haven't been tames. They seem to be from the same litter, as they are about the same size and two of them look almost identical. This picture is of the second one we saw. She has a tiny little head, HUGE eyes and HUGE ears. She's quite skiddish and runs if you move to fast. I don't think we'll tame these ones, though. They don't seem to want to be our friends :( We just put food out for them daily and watch them. Flip said there are little kittens near the gym here as well. I haven't seen them, and honestly don't want to because I would have an overwhelming urge to catch them, tame them and find them homes. I really need to stop doing that...

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