Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's just not the same...

This is usually my favorite time of the year. I love Halloween! The costumes, the make up, the CANDY! But this is the first major craft project I have undertaken without the help of my Glitter partner in crime, Carole Ann. The smell of Mod Podge instantly makes me think of her, which in turn will instantly make me sad. It's very difficult, but Kaya wants to be a zombie 1980's bride, and so I am at it once again with my glue gun, my glitter, mod podge, and spray paint. Yes, you heard me, SPRAY PAINT! Turns out you can't dye a polyester dress black. So, it's me and a can of Krylon. Now if I can just stop feeling so sad while I am crafting...


  1. Hang in there....It will get easier. We will find people here to make us feel loved. Probably not anyone ass cool as Carole, but we will make due.

  2. Well my darling, if it makes you feel any better,as you know, costumes and halloween are two of my favorite things... Screw raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... But this year, I just don't have any of it in me. Luckily I don't have kids that require costumes, so I am taking the year off. Besides, Ric and I are super bummed we don't have Gavin and Kaya to go trick or treating with-- so we are doing ass nothing.
    You are a damn crafty woman and don't really need the glitter queen to get by.. Kaya's costume will be outstanding.. Just save yer money so you can once again come back to us!! Know that we miss you just as much as you miss my garage!! :)